Details of Precast Concrete Panels

precast concrete panels Melbourne

The world is changing at an increasing rate and our society is becoming more aware of the need for Eco sustainability and more environmentally sound solutions, particularly in the construction industry.  New compliancy standards within the construction industry are clearly focuses on building a greener and brighter future for us all, however, this has created the need for environmentally acceptable solutions that are also cost effective for builders and developers.

We believe that the Precast Concrete Panels are the best solution commercially, residential and industrially available to the market.

The Precast Concrete Panels Melbourne are a fully patented fast and unique internal and external installation wall system that reduces the costs of time, materials and labor for builders, developers and end users.

Customers enjoy the benefits of vastly improved construction time frames, substantial savings on interest and construction costs as the result of improved construction time frames and the opportunity for builders and developers to significantly increase turnover.

precast concrete panels Melbourne


  • High-rise internal partition walls
  • Structural from 3 to 4 stories
  • Residential and commercial external and internal cladding system
  • Fencing wall ideal for bush fire retardant walls
  • Duplex and Town House common fire retardant walls
  • Residential and Commercial wet areas including but not limited to bathrooms, laundries, kitchens and pool areas
  • Cyclonic Areas


  • Eco Friendly
  • User-Friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Fast Installation Process
  • Utilising a one material process
  • Reducing Transportation Cost
  • Structural
  • Reduces Construction Time
  • Reduces Labour Time
  • Reduces Overall Cost

Fire Retardant

  • No Toxicity
  • No Smoke

Reducing Site Waste

  • Reduce Waste Disposal Cost
  • Reusable – The Panel can be reused in multiple applications a it can be deconstructed from one job to another and is completely transportable.

This lighter weight Metal Stud Crete architectural precast concrete panels Melbourne system is greener when fabricated with recycled steel and locally extracted materials on site, or in a precast concrete plant close to your project. This time-saving architectural concrete wall construction process can be specified in any concrete colour or texture.

Precast concrete panels are structurally designed and engineered to transfer shear, support floor and roof loads, as well as offer a wide range of architectural finishes for the exterior. Through a national association of premasters we fabricate, deliver and install panels anywhere in the world.