Sieving And Filtering Chemicals For A Finer Finish

The process of sieving and filtering liquid and solid chemicals can be a difficult task for a manufacturer that lacks the machinery required to get the job done properly. This is a critical step in Chemical Solutions’ quality assurance program because it is the act of sieving that allows for chemical products to undergo thorough refinement and segregation prior to entering the next step of production.

We have the technical expertise and the advanced machinery needed to ensure that our chemical products are as pure as possible while meeting all contract specifications. This is particularly important for the agricultural and commercial cleaning sectors that specify strict adherence to regulated procedures. For herbicides to be potent, they need to be formulated with a minimal trace of foreign particles. Similarly, soaps and solvents require their active ingredients to be pure as practically possible to be an effective and superior product.

Another advantage of deferring your need for sieving and filtering raw materials to Chemical Solutions is making the most of ‘added value’. In addition to providing the sieving and filtering service, our professional personnel will review your formulation and if there is an opportunity to innovate or improve the concept, we will consult with you. Ultimately, our staff are trained to operate in modern facilities, using niche equipment, and will make the most of your product. We incorporate nearly three decades of industry experience into your product to make it the best it can possibly be, simply by following our stringent methodologies and processes. We will ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from our team, ensuring you receive a great return on your investment.

Specialised Sieving and Filtering Equipment

To provide the best possible sieving and filtering service, the team at Chemical Solutions has access to a variety of bulk industrial machines that are tailored to accommodate for various contracts. We can add value to your products by sieving your raw materials through screens down to 250µm, eliminating any oversized particles and to screen off any foreign materials. A multi deck 48″ vibratory stainless-steel sieve enables Chemical Solutions to screen out any fractions while separating particle size down to 250 µm (0.25 mm).

In addition to the screens we also utilise a sieve machine that comprises a multi-deck stainless steel vessel that can also be used with a single layer or multi-layer screening deck, depending on your manufacturing requirements. This particular process enables the non-destructive sieving of products to remove oversized particles from the material and can be collected separately.

With sharp attention to detail and a commitment to providing a quality service, Chemical Solutions is on standby to assist with your bulk chemical formulation needs.

Contact Chemical Solutions for Sieving and Filtering Services

Contract chemical manufacturing can be a costly process, but if you engage the services of Chemical Solutions you will find a consistently reliable team that provides superior formulated products on-time while adding exceptional value. For more information, or to arrange for a quote, call 1300 708 558 or contact us online.